What is a Promotion

A promotion (promo) is when a user on social media shares content from another user to their audience.

In the age of social media, some people have really big audiences. We refer to their social media pages as channels.

Posting to a channel with an Audience of 100,000 viewers can be a huge boost for creators. However, the previous method of acquiring these promotions was subpar.

It required you to message promoters on their channel (where there is little disctinction for the reason for your outreach). Then it required you to send your payment through an external service. Any problems with the payment process fell on the client's expense. Finally there was no guarantee around the promotion itself. If the Channel Owner felt the need to remove the promotion, then refunding was at their own discretion.

None of that sat right with us, so we developed PromoDispensary as a better alternative.